Sunday, May 1, 2011

Being Creative April

Happy bunny ~ his cup runneth over with goodies!
I have joined a great new group called "Being Creative"!   Every month there is a theme, and you can contribute something that represents that theme ~ any media goes.   So here is what I put up for the Flikr group.... plus a few extra. 
You can never have too much dessert right? 

This little guy is brand new!
No calories in a paper cake... which isn't a problem anyway if you're a paper mouse.
Wanna a bite of cupcake?
Have some sense when "desserting" ~  if the cake is bigger than you are, phone a friend for help!
The theme for May is "Home"  ~ why don't you come and join in the fun?


  1. Is that slice of cake really made out of paper??? You fooled me:))) I love the plate by the way... Hope it's real:))

  2. I love your contribution to the dessert theme - very cute mouse! I intended to start this month too, but I have spent too long on the plasterboarding with hubby to get it done.
    I wish I was a paper mouse, then I could eat as much paper cake a I wanted!

  3. Absolutely.. you can never have too much dessert!! Love all your clever creations!
    Ali ;-)

  4. I should say thanks Dan, it was your blog that I saw Being Creative on ~ that inspired me to join! Ha ha, yes the plate is REAL! Thanks for all the kinds words ladies! :)))))

  5. Hi Melody! I love your drawing with the cute mouse and huge dessert!
    Have a lovely May!
    Hugs for your adorable dogs! Teje & Nero

  6. Fantastic cake, and love your mouse too! Thank you so much for taking part, all of your contributions are really creative and I love how you have used the theme. Will you be joining in with Home for May? Hope to see more of your lovely work soon, J x

  7. your desserts look delicious. Makes me want to take a bite ...

  8. You can certainly take a bite Eve, but i must warn you... it's a little dry. :))))

    Yes Julia, I will be playing along for May's theme. Thanks for hosting the fun art party!