Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hard to believe a new year has begun already ~ but according to my brand new Susan Branch  calendar it has! 2011 had it's ups and downs, but I guess when you sit back and think on it, most years do. Some years  are worse than others, but even the bad times and sad times are as my wise Uncle says, "All part of life's colorful pagentry."  I suppose all the struggle makes us stronger for getting thru it? 
Hopefully, 2012 will be filled with bright and happy things for all of us. A new Etsy store perhaps? Finding homes for all the homeless animals who need someone to love them?  New opportunities to meet the right people and get your art "out there" ?  More craft fairs?  Stealing more time to create and feed our souls with what makes us tick. 
So as we embark on a new journey into 2012 ~ I wish you all good health and much happiness;  and more time to do what you love, whatever that may be.
Resolutions you ask? Well... no, not exactly ~ I prefer to think of them as strong suggestions, that way I won't feel so bad if I fail.
1.  Open Etsy store.
2.  Create MORE!
4.  Take time to appreciate the little moments more.

We don't "dress" our animals... except for picture taking ~ this little hat (and scarf) were just too cute!
 No comments are necessary on my finely styled morning hair .... just laugh quietly to yourself.  :)

This one was taken by the Husband, that's the "spice cabinet" on the kitchen counter reflecting our fireplace in the living room... and the little card with the chickadee is from a special lady. 
Marley and Kippy sharing the blanket...
Kippy trying to figure out what is so fascinating about cat nip???
I truly appreciate all your comments and the thoughts that you share and look forward to spending another year in Blogland with you!  All the very best to you! :)))))))))


  1. Happy New Year, Melody! Thanks so much for your comment on my most recent post. I do love that color of blue, too :) And I LOVE your "strong suggestions" - they are all great!! We had a rather 'colorful' year last year ourselves, so I am hoping that 2012 will bring some brighter days. Here's to making progress in 2012!

  2. Ha Ha, Happy New Year to you too, lovely little kippy, so cute! All those animals of yours seem to share quite nicely? Marley seems just a bit indifferent to the 'sharing' tho? Hope you find some good creative time this year! X

  3. Happy 2012 to you and your loved ones Mel ... all of them ;-)
    I insist this year is going to be better than last year (as it sucked), and that it's filled with Love, Health, Creativity and Happiness. ;-)

  4. Happy 2012 Melody - your strong suggestions are fantastic - I might just have to adopt the last 3!
    I strongly suggest you go for your first strong suggestion!
    Keep up the inspiring work!
    Ali x

  5. Your fur angels!

    I do like similar resolutions myself with the word MORE in. They do seem to work :-} Marley I just want to roll around with... hee hee... he does look a bit too serious to really enjoy that though!

    HUGS Lorraine