Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter ~ Being Creative December 2011

So this is the last Being Creative theme for the year... and it is Winter.  Traditionally one of my favorite seasons! This year our winter has felt more like early spring temperature wise, but I guess we still have January and February, to maybe get a fleck of snow or go ice skating?
These aren't "done" technically.... but I rather like them in their present black and white state, so I decided to share them as they are now.  When they are completed, I'll post an updated picture!!

All the fun things mice find to do in winter.... (inspired by the cover of Yankee Magazine!)
A little snowy farm scene. (as I hope the real one will one day look. )
And this is what you do when you come in from a day of playing in the fresh air and snow... Make a cup of hot chocolate, and have a well deserved rest!

So there you have it Winter as it is in the windmills of my mind!

I confess, I'm a little nervous about the new "loose" Being Creative format for the new year... without a "deadline' of sorts to motivate me along, and topic to point me in a direction....*gulp*
Looking forward to another year of Being Creative!


  1. Hi Melody! Your drawings are adorable! I love those cute mouses!I wish you, your family and all your wonderful animals Happy New Year! x Teje

  2. They are lovely drawings Melody, I think they would make a sweet little book.....just as they are black and white.... to sell in that Etsy shop???? They are cute, and your story telling would be good too! Make a teensy book? Fab!! :)

  3. Lovely drawings Mel ... as always ;-) Again I think you would be a great illustrator. So see you in Etsy store ;-)

  4. OOOH Melody - LOOOOVE your winter drawings - there's so much to see in every one, the dripping mittens are so cool! So good to see your illustrations in their infancy..they look great as they are!
    I'm a bit nervous bout the freedom of Being Creative 2012 too - but as I haven't got my winter act together yet perhaps its a good idea!
    I'm so glad I joined the BC Community as I found you and your delightful creations!
    I completely agree with the above book ideas!
    Look forward to some more Melody magic soon!
    xx Ali

  5. The drawings are gorgeous.Great imagination and will look forward to seeing them finished. Today my husband told me the mice are definately in the coal shed. Not cold enough for them to want to come in the house yet! We never found where they took my golden acorns last year!
    Brown ink, we can compare notes.
    I want to go back and do a bit more digging for more china pieces in that pile of soil.
    Happy painting. millyx

  6. I love your drawings, they are always full of happy images.