Monday, January 23, 2012

When good blogs go bad....

Grrrrr, Why is it I can't comment on my own comments? Bad blog... Bad. Grrrr grumble, grumble. So then, let me take just a moment to respond here.....
My tree Henry is a "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" ~ I believe it IS in the Hazel tree family... and in the name of fairness and full disclosure, my husband took the very nice photo.
The only picture I know of with Mummy Cat's toes is this one.....  I will have to get one of her in the daylight, so her pretty blue eyes don't glow red!
The snow WAS magical..... but now it's raining all over it out there!
 That results in the much dreaded "Slush".... yukky is what slush is.....soaks into you shoes, progresses into your socks..... and results in cold wet toes.
And finally, I would like to thank you for your comments, I appreciate you dropping by to see me!
Hopefully, my friend Blogger will be better behaved tomorrow and allow me to comment!


  1. I just love those paws! Any of her babies have them as well?
    Bad, bad rain.... raining over that pretty snow....

    I have been having problems with commenting on some blogs, so it is a Blogger thing. It will go away, eventually.

  2. Ah I see the snow hasn't lasted,it would have been nice for a few days, then nice sunshine to melt it away. Pouring here today, got wet through! I get annoyed that I comment on some peoples blogs and it doesn't show up???and then there's the followers that I lose, and can't follow myself, gremlins in the works!

  3. Oh, those little feet ... doesn't that make her extra adorable? ;-)
    Well, as you already know, I wasn't able to comment on your previous post either. Despite the rain having washed away the pretty snow, those photo's were lovely. You can see the joy on the dogs' faces. ;-)

  4. Blogger can be a little frustrating at times...
    Henry a Hazel- as I suspected from the curly whirly snow laden branches!
    Sorry bout the short lived fluffiness hope the grey penetrating freezing wet stuff disappears just as fast!
    Ali x

  5. Those toes are something aren't they!

    :-} Lorraine