Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting Thrift shop mugs...

It seems I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to all crafty things.... I want to try it all.  I become like a woman possesed when I see a new intriguing art form just waiting to be tried.
So today we have my latest art trial...
Firstly, I took me to the thrift shop, second hand store... what ever you call it in your corner of the world.... and gathered some plain white, gently loved, previously owned drink ware.  Exhibit A just below.

Then we have my bargain of the month.... I looked the paints up on line to check them out... how to use them and read people comments on their success/failures...
I went to the craft store, assuming they'd NOT have them... but I figured I'd check. Not only DID they have them, the entire display was on clearance! Yeah!, so I paid about a third of what I thought they would cost... Needless to say I got quite a few yummy colors!!

Then I drew on the mug with one of my art pens... as a test. 
 I wasn't sure it would write on shiney china, but it DID!  (sorry, no picture of that phase)  I did my best to draw on a curvy surface and let the ink dry a little...
Got my paints out, and with my tiniest paint brush, I tried to out line what I'd done with the paint.
I normally draw with a 005 Micron pen, so trying to paint on the lines with a brush, however tiny was like writing with a phone pole to me... but I pressed on.
This is the mug number one... it sort of wraps around the little mug....

The test mug is drying now for 24 hours... awaiting it's 1/2 hour stint in a 300 degree oven.... When it emerges, assuming it doesn't shatter in there... it is supposed to be a perfectly usable mug (still)?
You will have to stay tuned... to see what happens next!
Got to decide what I want to paint on the next one????


  1. I am only going to say this: I want one. I really really want one. This could be a success on the fairs and you Etsy shop!

  2. Wow ... I am impressed. It's fabulous and I definitely want one as well. You really did a great job here Mel. I love it, I love it, I love it !!! ;-)

  3. Thank you for your rave reviews!(she said blushing)
    I'm sure we can arrange something....
    I suppose you'd both prefer CATS on your mugs right? :) I will be baking the test mug tonight, fingers crossed! :))))

  4. Oh they are really cute, I like how you've followed a little story round the mug. Could you transfer an image drawn on to tracing paper down on the mug surface? It must have been tricky drawing straight onto the shiny ceramic??? I would have slipped with the pen. I get like you, have to try out new things, like a thing possessed....that made me laugh!

  5. OOOH Melody what a fab individualised drinking it! Hope it fires well tonight. You can tell how comfortable you are with your furry characters when you are able to bring them to life on such a tricky surface!
    I just love it even more when you can find crafty bargains.
    Hope this will be the first of a new line!
    I'm another 'I want to try everything NOW!' crafter...if only crafty hours were longer than other hours!! ;-)
    Ali xx

  6. love your new did you get sparks from the snow?!

  7. yes, you are right, I'd love a cat or two on my mug but I would also like a bunny or two, a mouse or two as they are your signature mark, a turtle or two... I guess you'd need a bigger mug than the above:)