Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming to you from the couch.

So what's that supposed to mean you ask?  Well, a couple of things actually.  Firstly, it means I finally decided to get a lap top, and I am literally sitting in the living room, on the couch, under a blanket.  I can see the birds on the feeder out the window, the river if I stretch up a bit... I'm across from the fireplace, the t.v. and surrounded by my furry family. (this also means that the husband can look at ponies for sale on the computer in the cold kitchen... while I'm over here!) It will take a while to get used to typing on this funny flat keyboard... but sacrifices must be made right? 
This all began about 3 weeks ago, when my Internet connection became about as reliable as the weather in New England...  Changeable by the minute, and fairly unpredictable.  After numerous fruitless and frustrating calls to have it made right, I decided to change companies.  With this change came a free wi-fi box thingy... and so it seemed the time had come!  Off we went, Mr. & Mrs. Untechnical, to get a laptop.  Long story short, here I am! (I think the young and technically savvy at the store were amazed at how stupid we are when it comes to this modern world... so what if I don't "text" or know what GB means exactly... "giggly bits" or something?  Just tell me how many pictures it can hold and how to connect to the Internet ~ and take that look off of your face!)
The other bonus to this new cordless world, is I can take it with me when we go on the road!  I can play with my pictures, and type letters on the road ~ so that could be pretty fun right?  Annnd, assuming I could find a coffee shop with free wi-fi, maybe i could even blog from satellite locations!
But that's down the road a piece.... baby steps. 
In other news, we have a rather chilly, yet sunny day going on here at the moment; it's 22 degrees - with some wind to make it feel colder!  I'm not going to complain, it's been an incredibly warm and sunny winter. The lack of snow is mildly disappointing, but it makes the lives of our outdoor animals a lot more pleasant, and that makes me happy!
So that's it for the moment, just wanted to make sure you didn't all think I'd fallen off the face of the earth; I've just been a little "disconnected" is all!


  1. Congratulations Mel with having a lap top. You are one of the 'Big Guys' now, looking very interesting with the wireless on your lap. See, even you can't escape from modern world.
    But you do understand that we expect lots of posts now, from just everywhere on this planet. There is no excuse for not blogging anymore ... you didn't think of that, right? ;-)))
    But ... why is the husband looking for ponies???? Do I suspect the right thing ... is there a Mrs Cricket coming????

    1. I can't seem to be able to leave a comment on my own so I am hitchhiking on Eve's:)) Welcome to the wireless world! I hope this give you the opportunity to blog more.. hint, hint.

      The words that stuck in my mind from this post? "looking at ponies for sale"...???

  2. Ooooh, well done you! Found your way around the laptop and sitting in comfort there. I sit in the dining room, on my own, steadily getting colder usually. There you are in front of the fire :) Lovely..but watch out, there may be extra ponies arriving any day now !!!!

  3. No, there is no Mrs. Cricket coming... He browses for horses as a hobby... sometimes he looks for school buses, which he figures could take our whole family in go...I'm not having a school bus parked on my front lawn; sometimes he looks at real estate, and sometimes tractors. I've just learned to ignore it... and it keeps him occupied. :)))))

  4. OOOH how exciting - mobile blogging....:)
    Ali x