Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Eve

Remember the art I did for the Winter theme, posted back in January?
Well, I thought it was only right, since I FINALLY finished it, that I share it with you good people!

Here's a little bit more of my Sunday afternoon....

On the left we have my Christmas gift ~ a real live Emma Bridgewater mug for my tea.... and on the right we have the tea cozy I made from a sweater that didn't fit, and a couple sheets of wool felt. (o.k., i confess, my Mum stitched it together for me on the sewing machine, but it was my idea - if that counts? She tried to have me use the sewing machine, but I immediately panic when I get near it, she said I (in this order) stopped breathing, stomped on the foot pedal, sewed a big knot of stitches, broke the thread.  NOT much of a seamstress I'm afraid... but I'll keep trying. I hate to have a art/craft get the better of me.)
Moving on....

Cat's eye view of the afternoon...

Tools of the trade....

Aren't they pretty colors? :))

Work in progress....

Ta - Da !

You know it's a chilly day when your stuffed moose puts on his Maine Guide outerwear and then stays inside... O.K., he actually borrowed it from Kippy. Kippy didn't want to be out there either.

He says we should just move on to spring... he's ready.
I can't totally agree, as I'm not done hibernating yet; but he's pretty cute, so I let him have his say....

That's it for tonight.... Marley will be thinking about what we want to share with you next...


  1. Ha ha, the look on Marley's face. Funny.
    Love your photos Mel. Did you know that there are many artists who don't make anything themselves but only have 'an idea' which others will create. It's called "conceptional art'. In that case, it's the idea (the concept) that counts. Usually the art is crap, but in your case it's cool. ;-)

  2. Only when needles and pins are involved do I want to do "conceptional" art... other wise I wanna play too!! :))))))

  3. LOVE your colourful picture - I've noticed even more details - the snowmouse and the little sewn teddy-mouse by the jacks..and....just love it!
    Fab to see all those vibrant coloured pencilly shaped things.. I'm sure they are more sophisticated than pencils!
    I have exactly the same experience with sewing machines....I always imagined that learning to drive would be the same disasterous encounter as with the foot pedal on the sewing machine..thankfully it wasn't or I'd be much less mobile!!
    Loving the Sunday afternoon from the animals too!
    Great to indulge in all your recent posts Melody...spring is just around the corner...
    Keep up all the great creating!
    Ali xx