Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In the heart of hibernation season~~

Outside it's winterish ~
But inside, there's flowers a blooming!
Bougainvillea is blossoming~

and Orchids, oh my!

and geraniums....

and begonias....

a hot cup of tea and Hob Nobs!
Limpid green eyes.....
The craft corner...
Work in progress~
Jo Jo in the snow...
A robin looking for lunch...
waiting in the wings...
female Cardinal
Snacking in the storm~

The finished project ~ 
end of day......


  1. Good evening dear Melody

    I would have never thought that Bougainvillea would survive in the house, or begonias... They are so lovely!
    Beautiful photos, and I love your painting! Now I could be way off here.. It looks to me like a pony sheltering a little girl with her hair blowing in the wind, nestled in the blue bag?
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos and your beautiful art.

    1. The flowers seem quite happy this winter! I have all sorts of plants, theses are the most colorful at the moment! Yes, the pony is sheltering the girl ~ from the storms of life? She is crouching, I think I should make her pants a different color to her jacket perhaps... :))))

  2. Beautiful blooms and birds Melody!
    Love your painting - sooooo clever.....and you have captured the windsweptness so well!
    Keep warm out there!
    Ali x

    1. ~ I'm having my own being creative challenge I guess! Ha ha ~ making snow and trying to paint wind were quite a challenge indeed! Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Two extremes; the bright colorful flowers and the grey white-ish snow scenery. But they do go well together.
    Your craft corner looks inviting and your painting is lovely. Don't need to ask where you got the inspiration from... ;-)

    1. It IS a study in contrast, blizzards and tropical flowers....
      ha ha ~ I suppose I am surrounded by inspiration aren't I ?? :)))))))))))))

  4. Gorgeous blooms and hobnobs and tea oh my favs indeed !

    But the painting has me smiling softly ~ not only is it a fabulous piece of art ( I love it !) , it is a story well told and full of such a wonderful connection .
    Having been privy to the whole up close and personal journey between you and JoJo it actually , and honestly brought tears to my eyes .
    Totally beautiful ~ with the art and the deep connection that has developed between you and JoJo..

    1. Sometimes the most difficult journeys end up being the ones most worthwhile.... I guess if it's too easy, we can't fully appreciate it.
      Glad you like it ~~ Makes me a little misty too.... :)

  5. What a contrast with the vividly colored flowers and the white white snow! I just love the new painting!

    1. Better to grow my own tropical plants, than to go to tropical places and miss a good snow storm!
      Trying do better with balancing all my "loves" this year~ animals, art and gardening! :))))

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  7. Gorgeous flowers, that must be so nice to have them seeing as there is all that snow outside!! Last year at this time we had deep snow too, it was freezing, but this year, so far, it's very wet. Your bird photos are wonderful, much better than my efforts so far :) and I love your painting, the colours on your horse and the snow effect, combined with that background grey, lovely combination :)

  8. So lovely! You could hum along with the tune of "These are afew of my favorite things"...your little painting is so sweet...stay warm all.

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous and your painting of JoJo is darling! Winter is getting old already!

  10. So you are into your second week of snow. Hope you are coping with all the animals to look after. A Really lovely painting of your horse in the snow. Flowers gorgeous, you have green fingers. Flowers in the house are always so cheery especially when its so Wintery.
    We will be sure to have some snow, last year it came March. Blue sky here but chilly, sitting by a roaring fire.
    Keep warm and cosy!

  11. So great to see your work in progress, thank you so much.