Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

A new day, a new year, a new decade even.... full of hopes and dreams and good intentions. Look, here's a good intention now!

This first day of January the world is twinkly and pretty from a fresh dusting of snow last night; you could make a perfect New England postcard from a day like today. It looks like someone sprayed a perfect dolop of snow on every surface. A mild 30 something outside, which is just where i'd lock it in if I could.... all rain would be snow, and i wouldn't have to wade thru slush and ruin my beautiful fuzzy boots! It's getting cloudy again now - and they promise a weekend of snowflakes, just perfect for us winter lovers! This afternoon, i'm going to make some bird treats for my feathered friends outdoors... pine cone rolled in peanut butter and then bird seed to hang in our soon to be X- Christmas tree, which is going back outdoors. (Pete Purrington, the adorable orange kitten, is starting to destroy the ornaments now... cute little guy.)

So what will this blog be about? Hmmmm - I guess we'll see. Mostly about my little world I suppose, (both here and further north) and our animals.... and my many artistic endeavours... be they good, bad or just so so. And maybe, if i can keep up with my plan, we'll add an Etsy shop for our crafts.... just to see what happens. You have to start someplace, right? And be strong.... and follow thru. I can do it.... heck, if I can go to work everyday - surely i can do something that's for me (us) AND is supposed to be fun!

I will fill in some more of the blanks, and add some lists.... cuz well - I do LOVE the list and you can never have to many... add some more pictures.... my favorite sayings.... and poems....I'd add glitter, but that probably doesn't mix well with electronics... and try to make it a fun place for my followers to come and visit.... and maybe for some other person out there... who just finds me accidently, when they least expect it. Sometimes, that's how really good things happen, you just never know.

I'm going to have to forage for some lunch now... since the lunch delivery fairy has passed me by apparently....

So, until i blog again.... (yes, soon - i'll be composing some witty thoughts in the mean time.)...

I bid you good wishes today, for the new year ahead!


  1. You did it!!!! I feel this is going to be a year full of accomplishments for you!

  2. Great start! I LOVE the picture of the pup! I had a way to tell your dogs apart but now I forget. The one in this pic has the opposite face of Matea...her brown patch around the eye is on the other eye. But now I can't remember which one that

    Anyway! I love the smile and it's a great picture! Oh, and that is a perfect picture for you profile also.