Sunday, January 3, 2010

One good thing....

It is the North, and as I set down these words the country lies quiescent in the cup of winter's hand.

Henry Beston

So I decided today that i'm going to find one good thing each day that made me smile; even if i'm having a bad day. If it's worthy, i'll share it here... if it's more mundane, i'll just smile quietly to myself...

This weekend would be no problem... I've been home, it's been snowing, i've been crafting - surrounded by my little family... i have Pete Purrington, purring on my lap as I type... and i got to watch the Pups make "dog angels" in the snow - burrowing in and flipping around and eating the snow!! They also discovered that icicles are just like ice cubes, their favorite treat YEAR ROUND!! :) I made some more "bird treats" since they seem to love them so, i've had so many birds out there i can't even count!

I must admit, I am rather missing a certain little farm house... it must be amazingly beautiful at Onion Patch Farm... after 2 feet of freshly fallen snow... Perhaps by next winter we will have ONE warm cozy room we could hunker into for a snowy winter weekend or two... *sigh
I am feeling very optomistic today... filled with good thoughts and loving our crafting time. Scott is making little carvings... I'm making little clay things... and getting coated with peanut butter in my spare time. Hmmm, how many days until next weekend? I can't wait. :) I love the hibernation of winter...
And now, duty calls... there are hungry mouths to feed.


  1. Why do i have a giant white area under my post?? Gggggrrrrrrr to computers.

  2. Use the edit tool and when it happens to me it's because I added a pic, than moved it.. you just need to delete all the blank lines bellow your last sentence. I hope it works for you, too.

    I love the idea of something good every day... like a thankful journal.

    It's funny how I now read the blogs AND the comments!

  3. That did it... and i did keep loosing pictures when i tried to move them... It's a good thing your there...
    Of course you have to read the comments... you might miss something other wise!! :)