Sunday, January 24, 2010

Miss Fiona McCheese

We don't remember days....

we remember moments.

That's Miss Fiona... she was a trouper on our "camping trips"... thru cold, angry deer and being rolled over in her cage in the middle of the night... never a squeak. A good romp in her Mum's boots made it all worth while. Makes you smile, don't it?

Stay tuned in the days ahead for more "precious moments"... and favorite pictures... and some fabulous art work created by a great friend...

But not today.... the snuffles are getting the better of this Bloggette, and i think there's a cup of steaming hot tea with my name on it.... My one good thing today is, It's Sunday - and I'm HOME. :)


  1. I hardly noticed her:) Such a cutie. I love this idea of yours... can't wait to read and see more:-))

  2. You would have noticed her quick if you tried to put your toes in my boot!

  3. Hope you feel better today.

    Miss Fiona sure is cute! Kellen got a mouse this past Saturday. He named her Puffy, lol. I'll get pictures as soon as she will sit still.

  4. Put your camera on a FAST shutter speed!!!
    I can't wait to see her! :)

  5. Very cute, I only saw Miss Fiona after I read Sandra's comment ...

  6. She became that years Christmas card!!