Saturday, June 26, 2010

A quick trip on a Friday night...

I proposed a quick trip to the bookstore last night...  I just wanted to pop in to grab a magazine, be right out. The hubby decided to walk the dogs across the parking lot to the pet store,  I get the feeling he didn't believe me that i'd be right out or something, can't imagine why??? 
When I got outside the three of them were patiently waiting for me... it all seemed good. Everyone smiling.
We got into the van and he said "I want to show you something".... and proceeded to drive across to the pet store.   Now I'm nervous.   There on the counter inside, was a cage with three little baby rats. 
 Someone had brought them in to be adopted... because they didn't want them.
  We held them, cooed over them.... and STRONG people that we are got back in the van and started for home.

Yeah right; you didn't think it would end like that did  you?  

We drove right back around the block and back to the store.
Meet Lucy! 
We got home (hours later).. cooked dinner; it's getting late.  We sit down to eat at about 8:30 and the phone rings... odd ~ who would be calling now?
One of my coworkers  found a rabbit loose on the street in the city... it's owner had "set it free" and didn't want it.  "Do you know anyone who wants a rabbit?".... Hmmmmmmm.  I wonder.
Good plan, call the "soft touch" girl who works in the office... the one with jello for a spine.

Yes, you know what's coming next.

This would be Sam.... :) 
 We don't know if it's a boy or a girl (we've not peeked under it's cotton tail); so we figured Sam could be either.  Sam seems to be quite content in her(?) new home, spacious and comfy with a smattering of fresh hay and a nice lady who delivers a dish of fresh veggies to her room.
Have you met Jack? 
We went to the pet store a few weeks ago to buy parrot food... (not knowing of course that we would never get to open the bag...) and Jack was peering at us thru the glass.

He's a hairless (read naked) little fellow.... but cute in his own funny little way!
As you can see, we all live in harmony here at the zoo.
*sigh*.... Just another day on the farm I guess. :)
I wonder sometimes what's wrong with us.... but look at them.
 How can that not make you smile? 
And really,what's one more dish of kibble among friends?


  1. Well well, why am I not surprised about the ending of this story ... and they happily lived ever after, and so did they and so did they ... I wonder who's worse; you or Scott?
    Don't the cats want to test their teeth on little Jack? Are you going to put Jack and Lucy in a cage together. That would be fun ... ;-)
    Looking at Lucy I think my own rats. She looks a bit like Lucifer, my rat in the good ole days, when rats were still safe in my house ;-)

  2. Yes, i guess we are fairly predictable... The jury is still out as to which of us is worse.
    We keep a steely eye on the cats, but a lot of them are getting older now... Plus we made the rule about everyone living in harmony... a rule is a rule. Scott would like Lucy & Jack together, we'll see... not commiting to that. :)

  3. You guys are the BEST!!! One of my friend wants to give her guinnea pig away... would you by any chance know someone who could take him in? Someone with a soft furry heart? No? Are you sure??? I could bring him over....

  4. If YOU bring him over, I will most definately take him.... I'll be waiting right here.
    *tap*tap*tap.... are you coming?

  5. Nice too see your blog. I have written your a letter Cilla

  6. CUTE additions! I don't know why but the hairless stuff freaks me out. Put some clothes on that thing!! LOL

  7. I keep thinking he needs some PANTS! But his personality and charm take my mind off the fact that he's NAKED! He's very his own little way, and he LOVES watermelon! :)