Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to a hazy, warm Sunday in June.
Aren't chipmunks the cutest?
You would be amazed if you could smell this one!  Rosa Rugosa that we planted by the river....

We are home this weekend, and I'm embracing it!  I've gotten all my  house plants carted outside (no small feat) and my winter clothes put away too! (yes, I know it's June) 
and it is of course Father's Day here, so later we are off for the visiting.... But for now; i'm going out to do a little weed pullig and that sort of thing!
My mind can ponder while I pluck what crafty thing I would be doing if it were a rainy day...


  1. Wouldn't you want to take the little chipmunk home? He is adorable.
    I know those roses, they smell great.
    It all looks so sunny and bright over there ... here it's chilly and grey ... can I come to visit you ... now?

  2. You come right on over...and don't forget a little something for the chipmunk's cheeks! (no candy though!)

  3. The little rascal can get anything he wants ... ;-) I am talking about the chipmunk here.

  4. Cracked corn and birdseed seem to be the top picks! :)