Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cloth Paper Scissors

Hopefully posting pictures of magazines isn't illegal or anything... but I am so excited i must share!!!
A few months ago, I participated in a "pendant swap" from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine... You make a pendant (within the guidelines) and mail it in, then you get one that someone else made in exchange...
I got my pendant in the mail.... all very fun, i'd definately do it again; and then I sort of forgot about the whole thing.
Until the other day the newest issue of magazine arrived in the mail... On the front cover it announces "The results are in!"  ~ "67 mixed media pendants"......

I was totally shocked to see my little bunny pendant in a real live glossy magazine!!!

I'm number 4 there on the left, I know it a little fuzzy.... but honest it's my little tree hugger bunny!!
So anyway, I'm pretty excited; in case you couldn't tell.....
And one final side note, I got an e-mail/thank you the other day from my pendant's new owner; it now resides in Australia! What a well traveled little rabbit.  :)


  1. Wow, that's great. I can imagine youo are excited about this. Congratulations! Your pendant traveled quite a bit ;-)
    Did you get a pendant in return already?

  2. "Yes,thank you"... she said taking a bow... :)
    I did get a pendant back, it looks kinda like a little small denim purse with fringe!

  3. This is just awesome! I imagine you jumping up and down, swirling around from happiness! I love your pendant - it's the cutest among its neighbors - and I am not just saying this because you are my friend. It IS the cutest! And it's so cool it ended up in Australia of all the places. Where does your pendant come from?

  4. I do rather love the little tree hugger.. :)
    Mine came from Pennsylvania, just so happens it is in there too, #28 - right page on the bottom right...

  5. I love this!! Your are so moving up...the front cover of the newspaper, magazine articles...don't forget me when your famous!

  6. How could I ever forget any of my lovely friends; much less one of the Bloggettes!
    It is pretty cool to see my bunny in print! :)