Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kitchen window sills.

So there I was doing the dishes... and I said to myself, "Self, what do other people have on THEIR window sills?"  Sort of made me wonder if anyone else has any thing out of the ordinary on their sills?
Mine is an ever rotating canvas of "things".... entertains me while i wash.
The jar has little rocks and shells we pick up on our walks... the "bubble on the left is a lamp my Mum got at a fair in Maine, it's lit with a string of Christmas lights, but I had to add my own little rabbit creations to it.... and then there are the plastic farm animals. What? Are you saying you have no plastic farm animals?  I have extras and I can share if  your window sill is missing them!
The plastic gnomes have been in my life for as long as i can remember, meant for plant decorations i'd say... The cupcake (which i now affectionately refer to as Sandra's cupcake) is/was a dog toy; but way to cute to feed to a St Bernard, so there it stays.
Bottle caps.... sample stained glass windows.. and off to the right out of view is a purple polka dotted pig (read dog toy).... that oinks.  When ever we walk past, we squeeze him and give him a little oink!
Soooo, if  you have something fun on YOUR sill; add a photo to your blog and post the link here!
Come on,.... PLEAAASSEEE ???
 I can't be the only one on earth with window sill clutter!
If I really like your photo alot, I'll send you your very own plastic farm creature!


  1. How do you keep your stuff clean when you do the dishes? Don't you splatter all over the place?
    My windowsill is boring; a few lemonplants and basil ... and every now and then a cat not listening to the name Einstein. My view when I do the dishes is a tiled wall ... now that's interesting, isn't it? ;-)

  2. My "splattering" washes the dust off the plastic goat of course! If your view is a wall then you need more fun stuff on your sill to liven up the view in between!

  3. The problem with me is that my sink is not in front of a window and we draw the curtains down every evening so nothing can really live on our window sills :( I LOVE yours though:)))

  4. Maybe I'll draw you a picture to hang over your sink? You can look out your make believe window!

  5. Melody, that would be awesome idea!!!! Just make it waterproof:))

  6. Seems all us girls are "splattery" when washing the dishes! :) Duly noted, waterproof.... :)