Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bottled Time?

Wasn’t there a song about time in a bottle? Does that mean it’s for sale someplace? A few days ago, I decided to approach my “art creating” (or more to the point, the lack thereof) the same as I did the garden this spring. Just do it !!! This was spurred by a chat with a friend about all sorts of good craft ideas, just ripe for the creating; just the thought of it makes my fingers itchy to make things, draw things, and take their pictures!
 Hmmmm, one problem. Well…. now let’s be honest, two. It’s a multi part issue. (and we all know my lack of skills at multitasking ~ is that dinner I smell burning?)

First, the big one is lack of confidence… Every time I look at the sites where budding artists can set up “Shop” I get totally intimidated. A list of instructions including but not limited to, “set up Paypal account”… phrases that include “HTML” and “link your whosie to your whatsit” leave me feeling bleak and defeated before I get thru reading the set up instructions. Dumb right? Obviously a bazillion people are already doing it! I can do book keeping, and use Excel, but not set up a shop? Then, my mind runs across, who would want my stuff anyway; with so many other talented artists to choose from? And imagine the frightening scene of being at a real live fair or talking to a shop keeper in person… *gulp*...

Then let’s say I get past all that…and we move on to problem #2. When exactly do I think I’m going to be making things to populate this (imagined) store anyway? Which brings me to; somehow I manage to make cards for Christmas every year…. Clearly it can be done. Can you see the all out warfare that is raging in my mind (constantly)? I simply want more ‘fun’ time in my life! Can you see me hopping up and down with my clenched fists at my sides like a bratty little kid, growling? I make myself CRAZY! (they say to do something you’re good at..)

Maybe a more important question then where can I buy time in a bottle; is where can you get confidence, follow thru and courage flowing freely from a spigot? I’ll take a barrel of each please.
Am I whining, or can I call it sharing my thoughts?

I should stop it… and study up on linking my whosies to the whatsists instead.


  1. Time in a bottle - that's an idea you could sell very well! A truck of it would be even better! But wasn't the song about a message in a bottle, by Police? Just do it is the right attitude: the second we start pondering on what to do next, we are lost. To ourselves none the less! Just do it and put everything else out of your head and on hold. Multitasking is overrated and just a way our employers and other people that want something from us corner us and make us feel guilty if we can do more than 5 things at a time. Just do one thing at a time and enjoy it. I love love love your art... sure, not everybody will be a customer of yours, but you should definitely try this shop thing: you can start with cards, xmas and birthday ones, they are always useful and I think sell well. I am sure you have some on stock. The computery stuff.... ask our PC guru, Christina:)) But I am sure you could do it by yourself if you just concentrate on that one thing you are doing. Fun time... steal some from the other activities, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, ... Not an easy task you'd like to achieve, but taking it one step at a time, it is totally doable. If I had a barrel of each, I would send you some by air mail today!
    I should stop... this is your blog after all:))
    “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” by Jesse Jackson

  2. Ha ha,yes; "pondering" does tend to be my downfall, the moment my logical side gets a hold of an idea, just look out!
    You tyble all you like, anytime... you make a lot of sense and I should be taking notes!! :)
    I'm putting "do one thing at a time and enjoy it" first on the list! (yes, another list!)
    Yeahhhhh! Jesse Jackson!! :))))) Love it!!

  3. What can I say ... I totally agree with Sandra. Actually I am listening to her now as well as I recognize your "problem" as well. ;-)

  4. Hello, thanks for leaving me a comment. I popped over to see your world.
    I do a drawing a day, if I don't have much time, I take one minute and do a line doodle in a sketch book. I just look at an object in front of me (not the paper) and with pen on the paper draw. The result is a doodle. Or I imagine a place in my head and with my eyes shut draw it. Doodling frees up your hands and mind! Think of the most popular reasons why people make cards and do three designs. In the UK this would be Christmas, then birthdays, then congratulations cards. I started with dog cards, then christmas dog cards and now farming cards! Hope I have given you a few ideas.

  5. Great ideas Anna ~ I hardly ever do "occasions"... I usually am drawing things from my life, or for other people reflecting their lives. But most people do go looking for cards because an "event" is approaching, good point! I record the temp and the weather every morning, I will now add a doodle to my day! :) Thanks so much for dropping in!

  6. Yes, Eve - we are like peas in a pod you and I! Standing quietly in a corner clutching our art with hopeful expressions!! :)