Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An October weekend..

Old sugar maples lining the edge of a cemetary.

We happened upon three teams of horses plowing a field.... just lucky. :)

Your basic Maine farm. The horses are off to the left way in back if you squint....
Cemetary Entrance

I decided to make some muffins, cuz why not; Right?

When your old farm house has really slopey floors, your muffins try to escape the pan!!  Eeek!
I'm sure there is some "redneck" joke in the making there... about needing to put your toaster oven up on blocks...

Some drawing and couch time with the Kipper... he's adorable when he's sleepy!

The view from what is at  present the "living room" window.


  1. I love those pictures ... all of them. The view from your window is awesome (so much better than the concrete I see). This way autumn is much nicer than when one is stuck between concrete and cars with as much rain to fill the entire pond between Europe and America ... Your pictures make me want to go to Maine and eat all those delicious looking muffins (great artsy shape they have). I think I would love Maine.

  2. Artsy Muffins, yes, yes; right ~ that's what i was going for, glad you reminded me!!! ha ha ha
    I think Maine would love you too!!
    (I should warn you; it does rain here too) :)