Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The way life SHOULD be....

This is what creativity looks like at it's messiest! Who needs a kitchen table anyway? 
It has come to my attention that making silly little things that serve no real purpose makes me happy.  A deep down sort of *aaaahhhh* kind of happy.  Paint under my nails... a jar of crazily colored water from washing my brushes, burning my clay goodies in the toaster oven creating toxic fumes ~ all of it... and three dogs asleep at my feet all the while. 
I can't help but think that it's the way life should be.

A wee mouse and his acorn.

Queen of the pumpkin patch?

My attempt at recreating the drawing in clay...
He has mistaken the ceramic "pie bird" to vent the steam for a real and rather unfortunate little bird... 
and again, the clay version. (and a really bad bird)
I found this little wooden case at the thrift shop for $2.00! It's like someone new it would be the perfect fit for my clay critters, etc.   That little tourquoise ceramic dish was 99 cents... perfect for holding my nature finds.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my recent "thrifting expeditions".... so much fun stuff; and useful stuff too! Well, to me anyway, not so sure the husband see the joy and usefulness in my finds. 
So there you have it..... see?  I CAN be creative when the opportunity presents itself!!  :)


  1. You found a good reason for a diningtable to exist. Isn't it cosy to sit between the mess of creativity with the furry gang nearby? THIS is what life is all about ...
    I am proud of you and the results of spending your little free time on such a good purpose. Everything is cute again... ;-)

  2. Other than the fur in my paint, and my lunch and my eyeballs, yes, very cozy! :)))) I shall stive to continue to make you proud!!!!

  3. Oh, this indeed looks very cozy! So you! I always imagine you behind a table doing artsy stuff... and enjoying it so much. I just love pumpkin queen:)) I am so glad you had such a productive and relaxing weekend.